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While it may be more challenging to have a variety of chapter events, the SPS National Council has collected these activities from student leaders across the globe. If you'd like to add some, please email sps [at] and we'll get it posted to this page. Note: Most of these resources are not supported by SPS. This is just a collection of links some of our members have found to be helpful

Virtual events (for the chapter)

  • Chatroom - Create a private chatroom (discord, groupme, etc.) for your chapter for socializing, homework help, etc.It helps a lot.

  • Physics Jeopardy - Download our template or make your own jeopardy game

  • Spooky Physics Night - Pumpkin carving competition

  • - Host a Virtual Tea time or happy hour using this 2d venue

  • Share a whiteboard - to make chapter meetings more collaborative

  • Practice talks - Give suggestions and tips on each other’s posters

  • Netflix Party  - Watch a movie as a chapter or with friends

  • Bad physics movie night - Watch a movie as a group and discuss the worst violation of the laws of physics

  • Minute physics - Everyone picks an article from the last week and presents it to each in 60 seconds or less.

  • Bob Ross Group Painting - Have participants paint in real time with a group reveal at the end using youtube Bob Ross tutorials

  • PowerPoint Party - have two participants defend an argument using a powerpoint presentation. Limit time and length to keep everyone engaged.

  • Virtual Baking class - Have everyone makes a baked good at home

  • Lightning Talks - Present your research or favorite physics topic in 60 seconds (or whatever time period; no slides or visuals allowed); vote for a winner! 

  • Resume and/or cover letter writing party - Swap resumes or cover letters to get a wide variety of feedback

  • Exam, study sessions - work out old exam questions together on a virtual whiteboard

In-person events (for the chapter)

  • Outside meeting at a local park - have everyone bring a blanket and have an in person meeting socially distanced!
  • BYOT (Bring your own telescope) - observe the universe at night, just be sure to bring your own telescope

  • Start a department food bank - put it in a place where people can access when they need it
  • Get Outside! - Get together (6 feet apart) outside for a hike, bike (or unicycle) ride, or run.

Virtual events - Connect to community

  • Reach out to local schools to perform virtual outreach sessions 

  • SPS Colloquium Series - Watch recorded colloquium hosted by SPS

  • - Host tutoring or small group problem solving (< 9 per table), use the podium to address everyone on the room

  • Live Steam Demos - As an example the SPS interns this summer had a demo competition using only materials available at home

  • Live stream Q&A with professionals - Pick a Professional and we’ll connect you

  • Invited speakers - This list of speakers have agreed to give presentations to SPS chapters

  • Physics Carols - Physics Themed Holiday sing-a-long with the department

  • Research Roulette - Undergraduates present their research highlights in < 5 minutes, we have multiple students present in a meeting

  • Facul-TEA Time - Invite a faculty member (Professors, advisors, front office workers), laid back interview / Q&A like between two ferns (but not outrageous) -- helps new students meet the faculty and not feel intimidated

  • Outreach - Request SPS Science Outreach Catalyst Kits (adapt virtually) 

  • Create Pen Pal program with future scientists

  • Attend virtual National conferences and apply for SPS Reporter Award to help with the associated registration costs

Virtual tours


  • Nasa RASC-AL -RASC-AL competitions fuel innovation for aerospace systems concepts, analogs, and technology prototyping by bridging gaps through university engagement and is open to undergraduate and graduate university-level students studying fields with applications to human space exploration (i.e., aerospace, bio-medical, electrical, and mechanical engineering; and life, physics, and computer sciences) who can incorporate their coursework into real aerospace design concepts and work together in a team environment. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.

  • The University Physics Competition- The University Physics Competition is an international contest for undergraduate students, who work in teams of three at their home colleges and universities all over the world, and spend a weekend in November, 48 hours, analyzing a real-world scenario using the principles of physics, and writing a formal paper describing their work.


Note: SPS doesn't officially support or sponsor these.

  • Skribbl - a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game

  • Netflix Party  - Watch a movie as a chapter or with friends

  • Coup - A strategy and bluffing game

  • Mafia - An online version of the classic game Mafia

  • Codenames - An online version of the board game

  • Jackbox games - Several short games available on Steam (and other platforms) - good for late evening or after exams

  • Metastream  - Stream movies with your chapter

  • Universe Sandbox - a physics-based space simulator to create & destroy the universe with friends

  • Tabletop Simulator - play board games with your friends -- online!

  • Amoung Us - Find the imposter! Save the ship.

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