SPS Outstanding Service Award

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Recipients: 2020-21

Purpose: To acknowledge outstanding chapter leaders that further the mission of SPS and aim to support the health of the organization and broader community through service.

Criteria: This award is intended for faculty and students who exemplify an attitude of service to the discipline of physics and astronomy through actions at the local, national, or international level. The awardee should be a deserving individual or group who has had a positive impact on an SPS chapter, a department, or the broader community. The awardee does not necessarily need to be a member/alumni of the chapter giving the award.

Successful nominees will have worked with SPS and/or Sigma Pi Sigma members to serve the community or improved the lives of SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma members through:

  • Exceptional service to an SPS or Sigma Pi Sigma chapter;
  • Extraordinary service to the host department;
  • Remarkable service within the local community;
  • Outstanding regional, national, or international service to the broader physical science community or the general public.

The award consists of a certificate (frame available for purchase) from the National office by the awarding chapter and reading as follows:

In recognition of outstanding service to the broader physics community, and thereby exemplifying the mission statement of the Society of Physics Students, Jane Doe is hereby awarded the Society of Physics Students Outstanding Service Award.

Nominees that display a record of long term service to the organization, department, and community are encouraged. Nominations are accepted at any time, with input from chapter reports. A specific call for nominations will occur with the annual review of chapter reports.

To apply for this award, please fill out this form or email a nomination packet to the Director of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma (adelapuente [at] aip.org)  with the subject "SPS Service Award":

  • A cover letter introducing the nominee to the National office;
  • A copy of the nominee's CV or equivalent;
  • A brief summary of their involvement with and impact on SPS, home department and its members;
  • A summary about how the nominee would be recognized, if confirmed.

Nomination packets are reviewed by the Director of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma and the SPS President, in consultation with the SPS Executive Committee.