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National Outreach Initiatives

SPS Demonstrations

Looking for a new demonstration for an outreach event? Or want to jump start your chapter on outreach? These demonstrations have been developed by SPS to help you make a difference in your local communities. Each demonstration includes parts lists, instructions, key physical concepts to explain, and demonstration videos, where appropriate. View the outreach demo library.

Science Outreach Catalyst Kits (SOCKs)

Science Outreach Catalyst Kits, or SOCKs, are free to SPS chapters (while supplies last) and contain an exploratory physics and science activity that is specifically designed for SPS chapters to use in outreach presentations to elementary, middle and high school students. Each SOCK comes with the essential materials to conduct a set of demonstrations, a comprehensive manual, and instructions on how to expand the demonstration to become a tried-and-true outreach activity. View this year's SOCK.

Physics & Astronomy Jeopardy (Trivia)

Download a customizable PowerPoint that let's you answer trivia, just like Jeopardy, except now with Physics and Astronomy! Looking for a fun way to put your physics knowledge to the test? Physics Jeopardy is a great outreach tool for engaging other members within your department or with a nearby chapter. 

Funding: Outreach Awards

Marsh W. White Awards

  • Several awards of up to $500 may be made each year
  • Awarded to chapters for activities that promote interest in physics among students and the general public

Future Faces of Physics Awards

  • Several awards of up to $500 may be made each year
  • Awarded to chapters for activities that promote physics across cultures

Blake Lilly Prize

  • Several awards may be made each year
  • Winners receive two books to inspire their chapter and assist with growing their chapter
  • Awarded to chapters or individuals that engage in physics outreach activities and submit a report about the activity

Additional Outreach Resources


Find more resources for your chapter.