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The Pion Portal aims to engage the Sigma Pi Sigma community to help physics students develop skills, insight, and relationships that will prepare and empower them to make the best, most effective career decisions upon graduation. Whether you are a student or an alumnus, we encourage you to get involved with the Sigma Pi Sigma community through the Pion Portal. Check out the resources below! 

Sigma Pi Sigma thanks Kathryn Mendez for her hard work on this program.

Career exploration

Hidden Physicists  
"Hidden Physicists" is a standing feature of Radiations, the official communication of the Sigma Pi Sigma community communication. This feature highlights members of our community who have careers outside what many consider to be “typical” for physics majors. Want to be featured? Let us know by telling us about yourself here.

Exploring Career Options
Check out this issue of The SPS Observer dedicated to exploring career pathways.

Career Webinars
Check out our archive of webinars on various career topics. 

SPS Colloquium
Monthly talks aimed at careers, graduate school, and topics of interest.

“Pathways” is a standing feature of The SPS Observer, the SPS magazine. Read career advice from experienced voices.

Career Resources
SPS has compiled all our career resources in one place, including information on navigating career options, the application and hiring process, and advice articles written by SPS members and advisors. Some of these resources contain interactive workbooks, video webinars, and job title lists to help jumpstart your job search.

Graduate school

A Guide to Choosing the Right Grad Program
Choosing the right graduate school and program can be, to be honest, daunting, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for taking a step along your career pathway.

SPS GradSchoolResources
Resources and tips for helping you find the right graduate program to fit your needs. 

SPS Graduate School Advising Guide
Get a birds-eye-view of all graduate programs in physics and astronomy in the United States. You can view programs by state, department size, highest degree offered, and department research areas. 

This resource has the most detailed information on graduate departments in physics, astronomy, and related fields.

GradSchoolShopper Resources
Find guidance on how to find the right school and achieve your academic goals. 

Track Graduate School Applications
You can use this template to track your interest in graduate programs and the progress of your applications.

Track Scholarships & Grants
You can use this template to track your applications to scholarships and grants. 

Professional Development

Careers Toolbox
If you are considering entering the workforce after earning a bachelor’s degree, the Careers Toolbox can help you discover your options and prepare for success. The Careers Toolbox focuses on undergraduate physics students entering the workforce after graduation. But even students who choose to go to graduate school will eventually be looking for a job! Many of these tools can be applied to finding internships, research positions, or even entrance into graduate programs.

Observer Career Development
This standing feature from The SPS Observer provides tips for building your career.

Managing Your Brand
Tips for networking and managing your online presence.  

Check out internship and career opportunities.

Mentoring Resources

Department Mentorship Resources
Set up a mentorship program within your department with help from our resources. 

Alumni Engagement Program
Connect with Sigma Pi Sigma members and SPS alumni. Alumni in our database are available as speakers or panelists (in-person or virtual), to conduct tours and job-shadowing, to offer mentorship and other professional development help

Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school students with physics graduates via online message boards. In this supervised forum students and physicists can talk freely about careers, school, work, and family balance.