Physics Jeopardy

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Outreach: Physics Jeopardy!


PDF icon University of Duhok 2024 (1.68 MB) - Made by Ahmed Izet Mohammed Rasheed 

2023 Physics and Astronomy Jeopardy 2

2023 Physics and Astronomy Jeopardy 1

2022 Physics and Astronomy Jeopardy

2021 Acoustics Themed Physics Jeopardy with rules

2021 Elementary Physics (High School) Jeopardy

2022 General Physics (1st-2nd year Physics major) Jeopardy (Updated with the help of Grove City College)

Looking for a fun way to put your physics knowledge to the test? Physics Jeopardy is a great outreach tool for engaging other members within your department or with a nearby chapter. The downloadable PowerPoint can be used to run a full game. Questions are designed to be interesting and challenging for members of all levels. We recommend having one person be the official PowerPoint operator and a second person be the official scorekeeper/judge. Participants can be individual players (3-5) or groups with an official spokesperson. Game play should take approximately 30-75 minutes.

2018 Physics Jeopardy

Randolph-Macon College 2018 - Made by Rachele Dominguez

Cleveland State University 2018 - Made by Phil Dee, Justin Flaherty, Dan Terrano, Ilona Tsuper, Aubrey Lokey

 2013 Versions: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Host Manual

Interested in making your own version? You can modify the template or the 2020 version, make new questions, and send a copy to SPS National at sps-programs [at] (sps-programs@ai)sps-programs [at] ( ). We'll highlight your chapter if you send us a new/modified version!

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